Our Keynote Speaker: Peggy DeKay

We thrilled to announce Peggy DeKay as the Keynote Speaker at this year’s Self-Published Book Festival!

   “Your book is not your baby…your book is your business.”

Peggy DeKay, SPBF 2015 Keynote SpeakerDeKay is an award winning author and freelance writer, blogger, podcaster, publisher, and book coach. As a book coach she has helped hundreds of authors self-publish their books through direct coaching, her podcast, live seminars, and The Business of Writing International Summit—a two-day writer’s conference to help writers and authors focus on the business, marketing, and promotional aspects of their careers. She has published over seventy books and e-books for her clients. We could not be more excited that Ms. DeKay will be here to help our local authors realize their self-publishing goals!

She is the author of Self-Publishing for Virgins: The first-time author’s guide to self-publishing and Book Fairs for Authors (co-written with her husband, Larry DeKay), both published by Darby Press. DeKay has a no-nonsense, entrepreneurial style that is sure to strike a chord with local authors interested in self-publishing.

DeKay also maintains an active blog and co-hosts a podcast, The Business of Writing Today, with her husband Larry. Each episode of the podcast focusses of a different aspect of the self-publishing process and business, and frequently features guest appearances by authors and experts. DeKay also coaches professionals interested in increasing visibility and expertise in the marketplace by authoring a book. Download The Business of Writing Today podcast on iTunes or from her website at http://tbowt.com. The podcast is heard in 87 countries around the world and throughout the United States.

She is a former newspaper columnist and a past director of Women Who Write, a non-profit association dedicated to helping support women writers. DeKay has been published in several anthologies, business books, and magazines. She is the winner of On Angels magazine creative non-fiction award, and is a contributing writer in the 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing,  and the 2015 Guide to Self-Publishing published by F&W Media (publisher of Writer’s Digest magazine).

We can’t wait to see what Peggy DeKay has in store for us at the Self-Published Book Festival!


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