Workshops – Session III

We will wrap up the Festival this year with Session III, Sunday November 8, 2:00pm – 3:30pm.  This final session is a panel discussion featuring four local self-published authors.

  • Banke McCullough is a fiction author. Her novel, Always Want More, will be featured in this year’s Book Fair. Ms. McCullough is an English teacher, and cites Langston Hughes, Sidney Sheldon, Christopher Pike, and Maya Angelou as her earliest literary influences.
  • Rick Garvia also has a book in this year’s Book Fair, his memoir The Road Gets Longer If I Stop. The book is based on a series of essays from the author’s blog.
  • Jenny La Salla‘s books, When Daddy Comes Home, Vietnam & Beyond, and Comes A Soldier’s Whisper, all tackle the theme of military service. Ms. La Salla writes for a variety of audiences, including children.
  • David Schewe takes on local history with North Main Street Canandaigua: The History and Architecture.

Each of our panelists brings a unique perspective to the art and business of self-publishing. They are so excited to share their hard-won experience with you, and answer your questions about writing and self-publishing!

Just a quick reminder, registration for all three workshop sessions opens October 1 – tomorrow! – at Simply search for Self-Published Book Festival on the Event Calendar. You can also contact Mary Fraser to register by phone at 585-428-8148.

We hope to see you at all three sessions!


Updated 10/10 to reflect that Sunday’s date is 11/8, not 11/7 as originally written.


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