Book Fair Authors – Fiction

Today we’re going to be shining a spotlight on the Fiction authors who have been selected to take part in this year’s Book Fair. These authors cover a huge range, from poetry to romance, Urban Fiction to mystery. We can’t wait!

  • Deborah Benjamin, The Death of Perry Many Paws
  • John Caligiuri, The Red Fist of Rome
  • Marci Diehl, What You Don’t Know Now
  • Steven Farrington, Rodrigo’s Land
  • Amy Gamet, Love on the Lake series (author website here)
  • Kathy Johncox, What A Kiss Can Do (author website here)
  • Aaron Lazar, Devil’s Lake
  • Banke McCullough, Always Want More (author website here)
  • Phyllis Peters, Unthethered: A Caregiver’s Tale (author website here)
  • Mary Reese, Shadows of the Past
  • Pru Schmidt, Flirtations of a Cougar; Love Stories; Shades of Love
  • Melissa Skyer, Train Gone, Sorry
  • Corey Tanksley, B-Boy To Man
  • Tracy Williams, Urban Development: Adapt or Die
  • Keith Wilson, Intersections (author website here)
  • Robert Zinnecker, Acquisition

And don’t forget, there’s still time to register for our fantastic free workshops! Point your browser to, and search for Self-Published Book Festival on the Event Calendar. You can also contact Mary Fraser to register by phone at 585-428-8148.


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