Book Fair Authors – Children’s and Young Adult

Last but not least, we have some wonderfully talented authors in the Children’s and Young Adult categories who will be represented in this year’s Book Fair.

  • Barbara Franco Adams, Through Faith and Grace (author website here)
  • Amy Aderman, The Way to Winter (author website here)
  • Elizabeth Brayer, The Story of George Eastman
  • Margot Fass, Froggy Family’s First Frolic
  • Rhonda Fischer, Randy Kazandy, Where are Your Glasses?
  • Anthony Mesi, Sage (author website here)
  • Nannette Nocon, Yum and Yuk: Book of Characters (author website here)
  • Rose O’Keefe, Special Delivery (author website here)
  • Hannah Olin, Ezio Ferrari: Blood of an Assassin; Ezio Ferrari: Family of Crows (author website here)
  • April Randolph, Tasha and KK (author website here)
  • Suzanne Valentine, Lost at Seebreeze; There Are No Buffalo In Buffalo; What Stinks: An Adventure in Highland Park (author website here)

We are less than a week away from all of the excitement of this year’s Self-Published Book Festival! There is still time to register for our free workshops, and we hope to see you this weekend!


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